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Mystricism represents a unique integration of scientific scepticism with an openness to the evolving nature of knowledge. Rooted firmly in the principles of scientific inquiry, it uses rigorous methods to reach the best approximations of truth. 


Central to Mystricism is its unwavering commitment to the scientific method. Observation, experimentation, and theory formulation are the pillars upon which it builds its understanding of reality. These methods are not static; they involve a continuous cycle of questioning, testing, and modifying. This ensures that our comprehension of the universe remains as precise and updated as possible.


Mystricism employs critical thinking not as a means to dismiss ideas but as a tool to evaluate them rigorously. This approach demands that new and old ideas withstand empirical or logical scrutiny before being accepted. By aligning with the scientific community’s rigour, Mystricism encourages the exploration of all phenomena within the natural world, ensuring a thorough vetting process.


A defining characteristic of Mystricism is its adaptability in the face of new information. It remains open to reconsidering previously discarded ideas if emerging evidence suggests their validity. This flexibility reflects the scientific spirit, which acknowledges that scientific knowledge is provisional and evolves with technological and methodological advancements.


Mystricism maintains a naturalistic perspective, positing that all phenomena in the universe are potentially understandable through scientific investigation. Concepts currently regarded as supernatural are not dismissed outright but are subjected to rigorous scrutiny. If these phenomena are empirically proven, they are reclassified as natural, reinforcing that today’s supernatural could be tomorrow’s natural.


Mystricism embodies a commitment to exploring the sublime mysteries of the universe with a methodology that combines rigorous scientific inquiry with a flexible, open-minded approach. It invites us to explore the unknown using the tools of inquiry and critical thought, always prepared to expand the boundaries of what we know based on solid, empirical evidence. Through its principles, Mystricism enhances our understanding of the universe and ensures that this understanding is continually refined and expanded.

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