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In the vast, unpredictable ocean of our lives, we chart a course guided by what we consider the embodiment of our ideals. The ideals of the MCU are the lighthouse on our horizon, illuminating the course we strive to follow. They serve as our unwavering point of navigation. However, it’s crucial to recognise that our ships, though sturdy and resilient, are crewed by imperfect sailors. Each of us, navigating our vessel with unique flaws and shortcomings, holds the tiller, trying to steer with as steady a hand as possible.

On this journey, we are all too aware of the choppy waters and sudden storms that may push us off course, challenging our resolve and testing our trust in our dogmas. Despite these trials, our commitment remains unshaken to sail towards these ideals with determination and focus. We understand that perfection is like a lighthouse on a distant shore, perhaps one we may never fully reach, but the course and direction towards these ideals define and refine our “spirit”.


As we navigate the vastness of this ocean, let us be kind to ourselves and support each other when one has a torn sail, a broken mast, or is lost in the fog. We acknowledge our shared humanity and imperfections. Keep your eyes on the destination, unfurl your sail, and let our shared journey be one of growth, learning, and humility.


Our path will inevitably lead us to dodge shallow reefs and rocks, and occasionally, we may find ourselves beached. These incidents, while setbacks, do not define our journey; they are merely part of it. We can repair the mast, reset the sail, and, with collective effort, head back towards our goal. Each obstacle overcome strengthens our resolve and teaches us valuable lessons, reinforcing that it’s not the absence of challenges that matters but our response to them that truly shapes our voyage.

The ideals of Mystricism and the MCU are designed to give people a rational identity and a sensible philosophical alternative to strive for and uphold. Despite the virtues of these ideas, no one can be expected to be perfect at all times, in all situations. All the MCU asks of Mystrics is to point ourselves in the right direction, be mindful of our shared values and do our best. No perfect person has yet to be born, so let’s not let perfection be the enemy of the good. 

Bon voyage and cast off your lines!!

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