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AA for Agnostics




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Phone:  +66 62 018 5122

About:  A recovery resource for Agnostics, atheists and freethinkers in twelve step recovery. 

Contact:  Andy F

Bio:  My name is Andy. I am an alcoholic in recovery. I am sober today only with the ongoing love, help, and support of Alcoholics Anonymous. In the AA program, it is regarded as vital that if alcoholics are to be successful in their recovery, they should turn their will and lives over to the guidance of a higher power. This is usually referred to as the care of God, ‘as we understood him.’ I am, however, an agnostic. This has sometimes been an enormous challenge in AA. For this reason, I have published a book entitled “The Twelve Steps for Agnostics.” (Link below). I have written this short Bio to tell you about the book and my successful journey toward recovery as an agnostic in AA.

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Faithless Hijabi


About:  Faithless Hijabi’s primary purpose is to assist ExMuslims who face threats to their life or wellbeing as a result of their apostasy from Islam. 

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