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Compass Pointing North



Obligations of Every Mystric:


Our First Responsibility - Embracing Imperfection:

As Mystrics, we acknowledge our nature as imperfect, fallible beings. Our foremost obligation is the commitment to doing our best, recognising that our efforts will often fall short of perfection. This acknowledgment does not invite judgment or criticism; instead, it fosters an environment of understanding and mutual support within our community. It's all about heading in the right direction and moving toward self-improvement. It is within this balance of effort and acceptance where our true growth as Mystrics flourishes.


Self-Identification and Advocacy: 

When faced with questions about your philosophical or doctrinal positions, declare yourself a Mystric, an adherent of Mystricism and a member of the Mystrical Community Union (MCU), a new sensible philosophical alternative. Embrace and articulate your dedication to the principles and ethics of Mystricism, demonstrating how they resonate with your personal worldview and common sense.


Promote Kindness and Cooperation: 

Strive to cultivate an environment of harmony, trust, and cooperation. This involves practising and encouraging kindness in every interaction, strengthening communal bonds, reciprocity and peace.


Respect for the Natural World: 

Show a profound reverence for our planet by choosing sustainable lifestyles and encouraging others to adopt eco-friendly practices. This commitment reflects our belief in the sanctity of the natural environment.


Commitment to Honesty: 

Uphold the highest standards of honesty in both scientific exploration and daily life. This means being truthful in your dealings, transparent about your intentions, and authentic in presenting yourself and the principles of Mystricism.


Mystrics embrace integrating the scientific method and empirical evidence into their daily lives while recognising the necessity of logic and common sense when direct evidence is not immediately available. This approach underlines the use of earned trust (as opposed to blindfolded faith) in the reliability of scientifically validated knowledge and technology, guiding Mystrics in informed decision-making even in the absence of personal empirical validation.


Embrace Humility: 

Recognise the infinite expanse of what we do not know, maintaining a mindset open to learning and discovery. This humility allows for the acceptance of new ideas, the admission of errors, and the recognition that the Unknown is a power greater than ourselves, subduing hubris and domesticating ego.


Engage in “Spiritual” Reflection: 

Dedicate time to ponder the magnificence of the universe and experience moments of “spiritual” transcendence. Whether through meditation, nature walks, stargazing, dancing, forest bathing, solitude, surfing or other inspirational activities, seek to deepen your appreciation for the cosmos.

Freedoms of Every Mystric:


No Financial Obligations: 

Membership is free from any dues, fees, or mandatory contributions. While there are optional items for purchase, such as bumper stickers, signet rings or lapel pins, these are always offered at cost, ensuring no financial burden will ever be placed on members.


Freedom to Disassociate: 

Should you choose to leave the Union, you may do so freely, without fear of judgment or exclusion. We value the warmth of past connections and the right to diverge in beliefs while maintaining respect and friendship.


Freedom of Expression: 

We celebrate diversity in thoughts, experiences, and expressions within Mystricism’s core values. Members are not constrained to a rigid and irrational set of practices, allowing for a rich tapestry of individual contributions to our community.


No Proselytizing Requirement: 

While personal testimony and sharing of experiences are welcomed, there is no obligation to convert others to Mystricism. We respect individual journeys and beliefs, advocating for a space where diverse paths are acknowledged and honoured.


Flexibility in Participation: 

Your involvement in Union events or activities is voluntary, aligning with your interest and availability. We encourage engagement that is meaningful and enriching to you without any pressure or imposed expectations.


This framework of responsibilities and freedoms aims to foster a nurturing environment for all Mystrics, one that champions our core values while respecting individual autonomy and expression.

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