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Mystricism is a sensible philosophical identity, doctrine, and community that offers a rational alternative to religion. It integrates elements from diverse philosophical and religious traditions into a unified and coherent system.


Mystrics believe that the noblest goals are the honest pursuit of the best approximate truth, the appreciation of reality’s splendour, and the employment of compassion. Thus, our prime directives, kindness and the methods of science, are central to our ethos. The MCU upholds that kindness infuses compassion and sustainability into the realms of pure logic and reason.


The Mystrical Community Union (MCU) addresses the need for common ground among sceptical individuals. It offers a framework of objective ethics rooted in measurable well-being, a rational force greater than ourselves, and a naturalised "spirituality" that celebrates transcendent experiences while upholding our core principles.


Why should we write “no religion” or merely “agnostic” or “atheist” on a census form when we embody so much more? We find marvel and sublimity in the world like all other sapient beings, except we don’t attribute these experiences with any supernatural interpretation.


We venerate the infinite unknown as our higher “power”, giving our lives perspective, humbling egotism and subduing hubris. The mystery of reality is the only concept that is inexplicable, vastly greater than ourselves and not in conflict with logic and the purposes of science. A Mystric believes that the phrase “I don’t know” represents the most scientific, humble, and wise words a person can ever utter.


So far, the god hypothesis has not been scientifically verified or falsifiable. As a result, our agnosticism leads us to atheism: because we don’t know, we don’t believe. This proposition's universal scope and profound life-changing implications necessitate our strict adherence to the scientific method.


Mystrics acknowledge the limits of human knowledge, perception, and cognition, relying on the methods of science to compensate for our flaws in our attempts to comprehend reality. Mystricism integrates the philosophy of naturalism, emphasising that the universe’s complexity and beauty are sufficient without supernatural explanations, recognising a reality exclusively based on natural elements and leaving no room for superstition or the paranormal.


Mystrics train themselves to savour naturally “spiritual" moments of wonder, beauty, and connection that transcend the ordinary. That inspired feeling you receive from your brain and nervous system when you look at the Milky Way, learn an important truth or hear a beautiful piece of music.


We invite those seeking a like-minded identity, a clear ethical framework, and a community to belong to. Our mission will eventually extend to political activism and organised charitable service on a global scale.


We encourage you to explore our website to grasp the MCU fully. For ANY questions or more details, feel free to email us ANYTIME. If our philosophy resonates with you and you wish to identify as a Mystric, we invite you to drop us a line, and we will contact you immediately.

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