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The Milky Way

The Mystrical Community Union 




Be KIND 💜 - Advocating for kindness that fosters harmony, trust and cooperation, enabling us to savour the universe's splendour and discover its secret wonders. Kindness and honesty are our prime directives.

Be HONEST 🔬 - Upholding the Scientific Method as the most reliable and only honest approach to comprehending reality. (Earned trust NOT ❌ blindfolded faith).

Be REAL 🌿 - Embracing a reality that is entirely natural, with NO ❌ supernatural or paranormal elements..

Be HUMBLE 🧩 - Holding profound reverence (respect & awe) for the infinite unknown. The sublime mystery of the cosmos is our higher concept, subduing our ego and pride.

Be INSPIRED ☀️ - Marvelling at the glorious beauty of the universe while savouring the wonder, awe and connection in those inexplicable moments of naturalised (NOT ❌ supernatural) "spirituality" that transcend ordinary experiences. 

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